EP62-63. Residency Application Process Consensus Statement

We’ve partnered with SAEM RAMS to bring you this deeper dive into the recent Consensus Statement on the 2020-2021 Residency Application Process for US Medical Students Planning Careers in Emergency Medicine in the Main Residency Match. With Drs. Hannah Hughes, Fiona Gallahue, and Julianna Jung, presidents of EMRA, CORD, and CDEM, respectively. (Previously recorded June 23, 2020)

Part 1

Part 2

EP57. Make It Stick!

Biochemistry, histology, physiology, microbiology…

You’ve read the books, listened to the lectures, and done a few practice questions.  But how do you really make it stick?

For help, we’ve turned to Chris Diem from Texas A&M COM.  In this episode, he shares his expertise on learning strategies, studying plans, exam preparation, and more.