Interested in becoming more involved with EM? Learn more about SAEM Residents and Medical Students (RAMS), featuring Dr. James Li from the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Christine Luo from The Ohio State University, and Dr. Nehal Naik from George Washington University.

(previously recorded Feb 2020)

EP52-53. EM Stud LIVE!

Our first live episode! Recorded in front of an audience of medical students at the University of Kentucky EM Symposium, hosted by the UK EM Interest Group. October 13, 2018

EP 49. M4 Year In Review Part 1

Hear some tips/tricks for surviving M4 year from some new interns first-hand.  Thanks to Drs. Peter Bolaji, Lily Daniel, and Derek Thackston for sharing their thoughts about away rotations, interviews, and more!

EP46. Infomercial

EM Stud brought to you by the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine. Now 100% gluten free.  More episodes coming soon.