EP28. Backstories

With interview season right around the corner, students all over the world are doing some serious reflecting on the perfect response to the inevitable question…

“Why did you choose Emergency Medicine?”

But it just doesn’t seem fair that they be the only ones to answer. So, we rounded up some friends, colleagues, and special guests and asked them to share the source of their inspiration.

A very special thanks to Drs. Michelle LinSalim RezaieRob RogersWill SandersonSteve CarrollKevin King, and Bruce Bollinger for lending us their backstories.

EP16. EM Stud – Now a Part of CDEM!


EM Stud has outgrown its humble beginnings and is starting a new chapter as EM Stud-now brought to you by the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM), an academy of SAEM.

Meet our new cohost, Dr. Scott Wieters, in this episode. 

Also, I am updating my twitter handle, so if you’d like to follow me, Dr. N8, you can find me at 

EP14. Burnout


Being an emergency physician is a tough job, and like many other stressful occupations, it can wear you down.  Burnout is a very real risk in EM, but acknowledging the risk, looking for early signs, and using strategies to increase your resiliency can help you stay productive, optimistic, and satisfied with your career.

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EP5. Working in the Grey Zone

Winter Road

Considering EM and want to know if it’s right for you?  I don’t have a definite yes or no answer for you–in fact, I may not have a definite yes or no answer to anything…

Original release date: Oct 30, 2014

Photo Credit: Pavel P. via Compfight