EP74. Virtual Interviews, Take Two!

Last week the Coalition for Physician Accountability (COPA) released its recommendations for virtual residency interviews again in the 2021-2022 cycle. Drs. Nicole Dubosh and Sharon Bord from CDEM leadership join us in this episode to explain more and discuss their thoughts on virtual interviewing.

Read the full statement here.

EP68. AV Tips with Dr. Ben Smith

Our very first video episode!

Whether you’re recording a presentation or attending a virtual interview, you want to look and sound your best. Dr. Ben Smith (@UltrasoundJelly), Director of Emergency Ultrasound and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Tennessee, shares his tips on how to level-up your virtual presence.

Links to products mentioned:

See-Through Mirror

Tablet/Smartphone Teleprompter

Other DIY videos we found on YouTube:

How to make a DIY Teleprompter – cheap and portable

Weird webcam mod that enables eye-contact conversation

EP51. Suit And Tie

In this episode, Dr. Cristie Columbus from Texas A&M shares advanced interviewing tips on everything from attire and etiquette to nonverbal communication and thank you notes.

EP42. Nail The Interview (Again)

Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re certainly having a lot of fun getting ready for another interview season! Last year, we released an episode called Nail The Interview to help all the EM Studs out there prepare. Here it is again, re-released for your listening pleasure. Oh, and to help you on interviews.

The 7 P’s of RSI, or Really Stellar Interviewing

  • Preparation
  • Practice
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism
  • Precision
  • Avoidance of Pet Peeves
  • Perspective

EP38. AAMC Standardized Video Interview… Interview (Part 2)

Attention all EM applicants for the 2018 Match!

Beginning this year, all students applying to Emergency Medicine will need to complete an online video interview as part of the ERAS application. This was actually piloted last year, and it is now being rolled out to a broader group of applicants.

For more information about the SVI, we invited back Dr. Atul Grover, Executive VP of the AAMC.

Lots more information available on the AAMC Standardized Video Interview website, including a must-read, The AAMC Standardized Video Interview: Essentials for the ERAS® 2018 Season.

EP32. Gender Bias with Dr. Charlotte Wills and Dr. Dara Kass

Traveling.  Smiling.  Asking one… more… question… when you’ve already asked them all.

Residency interviews can already be pretty stressful.  But on top of that, what if you’re asked about your marital status?  Or whether you plan on having kids during residency?

In this episode, Dr. Charlotte Wills, Residency Program Director at Highland EM in Oakland, CA, and Dr. Dara Kass (@darakass), Director of Undergraduate Medical Education at NYU and Editor-in-Chief of FemInEm.org, share their thoughts and research about gender and other forms of bias during residency interviews.

From the episode:

How Prevalent Are Potentially Illegal Questions During Residency Interviews?