EP15. How To Build a Rank List

Question markHaving trouble sorting out your rank list?  Already moved #1 to #2 and #3 to #1 a hundred times?  Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to sort things out, and ultimately, going with your gut is a great way to start (and finish) the process.  But if you’re desperately looking for some help, maybe we can help you get organized…

Also check out these great resources!

NRMP – Main Residency Match Calendar

NRMP – How the Matching Algorithm Works

EM Advisor Rank List Run Down (2014 post, so different dates, but great advice!)

ALiEM – Top 10 tips when making your rank list (also an older post, but still a must read)

Photo Creative Commons License Leimenide via Compfight

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