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EP57. Make It Stick!

Biochemistry, histology, physiology, microbiology…

You’ve read the books, listened to the lectures, and done a few practice questions.  But how do you really make it stick?

For help, we’ve turned to Chris Diem from Texas A&M COM.  In this episode, he shares his expertise on learning strategies, studying plans, exam preparation, and more.

EP39. Presenting Patients Like A Pro

One of the tricks to doing well on an #EMClerkship is knowing how to present your patients succinctly yet in a way that still contains all of the important details. Coming up with a solid assessment and plan ahead of time is crucial, too.

For some pro tips on how to present patients, check out our latest episode as well as some additional resources below.

EMRA’s Patient Presentations video (also includes link to the 3-Minute EM Medical Student Presentation article)