EP22. Match Analysis with Dr. Mike Van Meter

Breakdown of the recent Match with Dr. Mike Van Meter, Clerkship Director at the University of Texas at Houston. (Tables and figures from the NRMP referred to in the podcast below)

More data from the NRMP

EP19. Match Madness!

March Madness may still be in full swing, but the long wait for the match results finally came to an end just a few days ago. To hear first-hand what Match Day was like, check out our special report, recorded live at VCU’s Match Day Celebration on March 18, 2016.

Congrats students!

EP15. How To Build a Rank List

Question markHaving trouble sorting out your rank list?  Already moved #1 to #2 and #3 to #1 a hundred times?  Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to sort things out, and ultimately, going with your gut is a great way to start (and finish) the process.  But if you’re desperately looking for some help, maybe we can help you get organized…

Also check out these great resources!

NRMP – Main Residency Match Calendar

NRMP – How the Matching Algorithm Works

EM Advisor Rank List Run Down (2014 post, so different dates, but great advice!)

ALiEM – Top 10 tips when making your rank list (also an older post, but still a must read)

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EP8. 100 Days to Match Day

gotta match ?

Mark your calendars!  It’s now 100 days until Match Day on March 20, 2015.  If you haven’t already started working on your rank list, now’s the time.  NRMP opens on January 15th and the final deadline for rank list submissions is February 25th at 9pm EST.  I hope this episode helps shed some light on this part of the process, and if you want more, check out these awesome sites…

EM Advisor

EM Mentoring 101

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine – EM Match Advice

Photo Credit: LASZLO ILYES via Compfight